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Ann Arbor is a special place to live.

It’s been named one of America’s smartest, most livable cities. It’s a hub for technical, medical, and social innovation in the Midwest. And best of all, it’s a close, friendly community.

With so much to offer, Ann Arbor is the perfect place to find your niche — and Location Ann Arbor is here to help.

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We’re a membership-based resource for hyper-local referrals and recommendations, created to help you navigate the city’s many opportunities and services.

Whether you’re moving here, renovating a home, or simply seeking ways to get involved in the Ann Arbor community, our network of trusted companies and individuals will help you get the job done.


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A referral from a friend recently saved me thousands of dollars on new windows. Through Location Ann Arbor, I’m bringing that kind of insider knowledge to the rest of the community.
— Jud Kinnucan, Founder of Location Ann Arbor

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