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Ann Arbor, Michigan is an outstanding place to live. Just do a quick Google search — there’s no shortage of praise for this unique Midwestern college town. But no matter how much the city has to offer, it’s the people you meet here that really make it feel like home.

Meeting the right people, however, isn’t always easy. How do you find a good electrician, when you don’t know anyone in town? How do you go from tenant to first-time homebuyer? Even if you’re a longtime resident, how do you stay involved with business and community organizations?

Location Ann Arbor founder Jud Kinnucan wants to help people answer all these questions and more. Jud is a connector by nature — as a recruiter by day, he matches companies with top talent, and his passion project, Bin Donated, partners with Chicago businesses to collect in-kind donations and distribute them to local non-profits. It’s no surprise then, that he’s using the same model to connect businesses and individuals in Ann Arbor.

The idea for Location Ann Arbor came from Jud’s own experience as a Michigan transplant. When he moved to Ann Arbor from Chicago in June 2015, he quickly discovered that there was a lot to learn about the city — and over time, he’s cataloged the connections he’s made and experiences he’s had, with the intent of helping Ann Arbor residents old and new make the most of their city.

Location Ann Arbor takes Jud’s original network and extends it. By partnering with local businesses, LAA is able to connect Ann Arbor residents with Southeast Michigan’s best services and opportunities — from real estate and relocation to networking and community-building. Especially when it comes to big questions like, “who should I hire to renovate my master bathroom?” or “what can I do to progress in my career,” Location Ann Arbor is there to provide honest recommendations and advice.

If you’re looking for that kind of advice, you’ve come to the right place — we’d love to help you out. Learn more about our services, and find out how to become a member.


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