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Sometimes, the hardest part of making a big life change is taking the first step — especially if you’re in a new city or starting a major project. That’s where Location Ann Arbor comes in. With an extensive local network that covers everything from accounting to yard maintenance, we’ll connect you with reliable companies that can help you get the job done.


Real Estate

Because it’s such an appealing place to live, the housing market in Ann Arbor is very competitive. If you’re buying, you’ll need a real estate agent who can keep up with the rapidly changing inventory of properties. And if you’re selling, you’ll need to know how to list and competitively price your house.

Luckily, our powerhouse real estate partners can make the whole process far less intimidating. When you connect with an agent through Location Ann Arbor, you’ll learn:

  • The “ins and outs” of Ann Arbor’s neighborhoods

  • How to get the house you want in a hectic market

  • What you can do to increase your home’s value, based on your unique budget

  • And more!


So you found your new home! Time to plan your move. You’ll need to prepare your new digs for move-in and ensure your belongings arrive at the right place — in one piece.

Location Ann Arbor connects you with professionals who can answer your burning questions, like:

  • Who can I trust to move my fragile and valuable items?

  • What happens if I need to store my belongings for a while before I move in?

  • Should I have my home professionally cleaned, and by whom?

  • And more!



Services and Contractors

Renovations, housekeeping, yard work, taxes… you can (and often should!) hire an expert for almost anything. We track down elite local service providers and help you choose the right partner for your project. Through Location Ann Arbor, you’ll learn:

  • How to plan and budget for a home remodel

  • Who to call if your basement floods, your furnace breaks, you need a tree removed, etc.

  • Where to find the best dentists, daycares, dog-walkers… you name it

  • And more!

Business Networking

Whether you’re changing careers, building a brand, or looking to become a mentor, Location Ann Arbor will point you in the right direction with answers to questions like these:

  • I’m interested in starting my own business — what do I need to know about entrepreneurship in Ann Arbor?

  • My partner is looking for a job in software development — which companies should we contact?

  • How can I find a club or join a meetup that will help me hone my skills outside of work?

  • And more!



Community Building

The feeling of belonging to a community is a major part of happiness. Fortunately Ann Arbor is a vibrant, diverse, welcoming town where community is important. Your niche is out there, and Location Ann Arbor will help you find it. Tap into our knowledge about:

  • Opportunities to volunteer in the metro Detroit area

  • How to start and grow a new club or meetup based on a personal passion

  • Events that bring big cultural experiences to a relatively small town

  • And more!

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